Holiday Years

A special type of leave type exists which is "Main Holiday". Where an employee books absence under this category, their leave entitlement is reduced accordingly.

Their leave entitlement attaches to a holiday year and Leavetrack will not allow an employee to book more leave in a year than their entitlement permits.

Holiday years default to 1 January - 31 December as we find this is the most common set up for organisations. This can be changed though.

If your holiday year is not aligned with the calendar year, then use the chat box to get in touch and we will change it for you.

When you create an account

When you create a Leavetrack account, to holiday years are created, one for the current year and one for the following year. You can set the allowances for the employees when you create their accounts.

New holiday years

You can add new holiday years on demand and this will also create holiday entitlements for your employees.

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