Employee Getting Started

Leavetrack is a simple application for requesting, approving and managing employee absence.

Your account will have been created by the Leavetrack administrator within your organisation. Any concerns about the information in your account e.g. leave entitlement, should be discussed with your manager in the first place.

On logging in, you will see your dashboard. Over time, this will fill up with your upcoming absences.

To book leave, click the button in the top right and you will see a calendar for the current year. On this screen, choose the type of leave you are booking (these are set by your organisation) and complete the rest of the formYou can choose to make a recurring request which goes through the same approval flow. It can be useful if you are planning on taking regular absences on the same day.

One you have requested leave, it will appear faded out on your dashboard. Once approved, it will appear as solid.

You can amend some of your personal details by going to the My Record screen and clicking "Edit".

The links in the menu under My Record do the following things:

  • Calendar - a calendar view of the current year with all your absences. You can click through to an absence and, if it is unapproved, edit the request.
  • Absences - a list of all absences
  • Notes - a section for general notes. Normally used to record manual changes to your records
  • Report - a graphical report of your leave records
  • Calendars - a page of links that can be added to Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook to feed your absences into a calendar application. This will generally be to your own calendar and to your department's calendar.

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