Having problems logging in

It's very unusual for their to be a system problem preventing you from logging in. Most issues are caused by a mis-typed password or an incorrect username.

You can log in using one of the following two methods:

  1. Your username which is your first name and surname joined together, so, if your name is Bob Smith, your username is bobsmith. Note, this is the name recorded in Leavetrack so if you are commonly called Matt Jones but your first name is Matthew in Leavetrack, your username would be matthewsmith.
  2. You can use your email address. For some customers, employees share an email address and it is therefore vital for them to use the username to log in. Where you do not have shared email addresses, either method can be used.

If you still cannot log in, please go through the forgotten password procedure to reset your password. You will receive an email with a link allowing you to change your password following which you should be able to log in.

If that still doesn't work (and you have not heard from us already because of a wider system issue), please get in touch using the chat feature and we'll be happy to help

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