User Types

The first user on any account is an Administrator. Administrator rights cannot be removed from a sole Administrator i.e. a new user must be made an Administrator beforehand.

The core of the system works on a hierarchical model where each User is allocated an Approver and that Approver is responsible for dealing with requests from the User. Any employee who does not have an Approver will have all their leave requests automatically approved.

An overview of the permissions of each type of user are as follows.


  • Can edit payment details
  • Can add public holidays and leave types
  • Can add, update and archive employees
  • Can set account-level options
  • Can close the account
  • Can view information on and edit all absences for all employees


  • Can add, edit and archive employees who work for them (unless restricted by Admin)
  • Can view reports for employees who work for them
  • Can view information related to other departments if configured by Admin
  • Can view information on and edit absences for own employees


  • Can edit basic details of own record

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