Advanced Setup of Leavetrack

When you create a Leavetrack account, the person who does so starts off as an administrator with power to do everything. Some sensible defaults are setup to allow you to test the system but when you decide to proceed with Leavetrack, you may need to configure some specific items.

Holiday Year

The main thing you need to set (and which I will need to do for you) is your holiday year. By default, this is 1 January - 31 December of each year. Changing this mid-year is difficult so should be set properly when you decide to proceed with Leavetrack.

Monitoring Accruals

If you choose to monitor accruals, each employee's holiday entitlement will be evenly divided across the year and approvers will be notified where a booking would exceed the accrued amount. As an example, if an employee has 24 days per year, they accrue at 2 days per month so the approver would be notified if the employee tried to book 5 days in their first month.

Approval Delegation and Dual Approval

Approval delegation allows you to set a second approver for all employees so when their manager is on leave, requests are handled by someone else. Dual approval allows a workflow where requests are first provisionally approved and then need further approval before being fully approved.

Employee Override

Leavetrack calculates absences taking into account public holidays, working days and weekends. Where you have complex working patterns, employee override allows employees to manually enter the number of days that a particular request will use.

Approvers can add Employees

If Leavetrack is being managed by a central HR team, you might want to disable this so managers cannot add new employees.

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