We are making some changes to how we manage locations in Leavetrack. Please note that in relation to the below no change has been made to your current employees' locations.


Locations serve a particular purpose: all employees in the same named location receive the public holidays that are applied to that location. As an example, if you have employees in location in "England", any public holidays with location "England" will be applied to those employees. The technical solution has worked OK until now but it has become necessary to adapt it to support future development.

What do you need to do?

We would be grateful if you would update the location information (e.g. correct city, address etc.) but this is not necessary. In the next couple of weeks we will map the new locations to your existing employee locations and there will be no visible change for you.

Why are we making the change?

We are currently developing a feature that will allow you to create certain leave policies for leave types. These policies will determine e.g. number of days sick leave or holiday that each employee receives and how many days they can carry over. Each policy created can be applied to one or more locations so we are changing how we handle locations to enable completion of this development.

Updating location information

If you go to the Account link, you will now see at the top of the page a list of locations generated from the locations already in your account. These locations will be identified by the name of the location you are used to which may be a building, town or country. All locations will show 0 employees as we have not updated any employee data.

If you need to add a location, you should continue to do that on the user record.

We have endeavoured to create locations with appropriate details. In all cases, the current names attached to your locations have been replicated. When you edit a location, you will be presented with the following screen.

The name used for locations is based on the following methodology:

  • if you complete the Label box, that name will be displayed on records relating to your employees and in the list of locations;
  • if the Label box is blank, the location will be displayed as City, Country

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