Leavetrack Referral Program

The Leavetrack Referral Program allows you, and people you refer, to earn rewards and share in the success and growth of Leavetrack. Here's how it works.

If you signed up to Leavetrack after 21 April 2021, you will be automatically enrolled into the program. If your account was created prior to that date, you have to enrol directly.

My account was created before 21 April 2021

To enrol in the program, click the "Join my Referral Program" button just above the sign out link. This will open a registration window which you can complete.

On registration, you will receive a unique link that you can share with friends, colleagues and other people who might be interested in Leavetrack.

My account was created on or after 21 April 2021

You will have been automatically enrolled into the referral program when your account was created. Clicking the "Join my Referral Program" button will show your unique link that you can share.

How the program works

When a new customer signs up to Leavetrack using your link and they create a paid account within 3 months of the initial referral, you will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card and so will the person you referred.

If you have referred someone and they failed to use your link, get in touch and we can fix that for you.

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