Leavetrack Overview

Leavetrack is a simple application for requesting, approving and managing employee absence. Whilst there are some advanced features, even without significant customisation it will work for the majority of organisations.

An account is made up of employees. Those employees are organised into hierarchical relationships. These can be based on team, department, location or in any way you choose.

Each employee has an approver and that approver will receive all notifications/requests for leave in respect of the employee. In most organisations, the only people who don't have approvers are senior management employees. Their leave requests are approved automatically.

For every employee with an approver, the request for leave must be approved before it will appear in Leavetrack.

This workflow: "employee requests leave -> notified to approver -> approver approves/rejects request" is the core of how Leavetrack works.

There is a special type of leave called Main Holiday. This allows you to track an "entitlement" against an employee. In most cases this is paid holiday, paid time off or PTO. For an employee, you can set an annual entitlement of say 30 days and for any absence booked in this category, it will reduce the days left.

You can customise Leavetrack in the following ways:

  • Localised public holidays;
  • Custom leave types
  • Leave years of any length and any dates
  • Restrict requests if leave has not been accrued
  • Two-stage approval for requests
  • Only allow administrators to add employees

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